Chromatic Vibrations

I’ve always asserted and firmly believed that encounters in life never happen by chance. It was her marvellous strength of mind and love for Art which loudly called and led me towards her.

Born in a humble and honest family, Emanuela soon had to face her father’s averse character : tireless worker, he almost did not understand (and supported) her colourful perception of the world , believing her attitude to be foolish and elusive or, at least, not suitable to a woman who was not to waste her time and money .


During a recent full –immersion summer spent in Rome to practice slice in Art, I immediately understood that the person I had just known was a gorgeous artist, undoubtedly trained from the basic steps and filled with an irrepressible desire to learn : she is always ready to improve her artistic know-how with further professional experiences. And so I found a lively, attentive  person, going to get shaped into a new identity…


I experienced  with enthusiasm the creation of a myriad of colourings blended with a slice on a crystal palette mirroring the sky. We started from clear and strong colourings : accurate and defined contrasts among shapes of light and shade. Then we soon passed to brand new chromatic elaborations , apparently emotional and spontaneous , actually enriched by wise hazes.. Believe me, it’s like a festival of warm multifaceted colours lying on a suggestive painting of such beautiful apples, that you’d feel the pleasure to taste them just by staring at it…

I lived day by day Emanuela’s growth of enthusiasm, who gradually stored away her past pictorial establishment and saw the realization of her new artistic three-dimensionality ,the one she has been long looking for, much wider, much deeper, much more evolved. The scenery consists in a vital space of imaginary escape between intimate interpretation and visual reality where the chromatic blend survives vegetating in its natural colours. A veiled and leaden sky over a turbid sea, tenuously frames around the strength of Nature’s proper colours.

Through the game of the fate, the old style turns into a growing new one.


A concrete development, colourful and lyrical, solid and positively structured ,firm in the values and contents expressed through the shapes and the fruits of Nature. Examples of tradition, of centenary history and inner peace witness a past, colourful existence .

It’s the expression of the character, the mind ,the heart of the lyric and intimate values of the artist.

The Character , as passion, determination and strength of mind , clearly paraphrases the meaning of peppers placed into a complex scenery, almost metaphysical  but at the same time essential.

The contrast is sharply defined between space equilibra.

Her Mind ,as concreteness and pulsing elaboration ,spreads out through the creation of material masses.

Heart ,meaning delicacy , lyrics, love and sweetness all represented by the features of a background always in movement.

I was enchanted to observe the realization [ within a fairy-tale patch of pink and lilac] of  a very unique painting of tomatoes composed of simple and pure pigments, voicing intimate growth and knowledge.

Everything seems so real that you hardly realize to live throughout a magic dream, the colourful one of Emanuela Franchin.


M° Mario Salvo

Roma, 2009